Our Hiking Tour (7 days)


1st day. Discover Naxos town
2nd day. Kinidaros - Eggares
3rd day. Melanes - Halki (approximately 5 hours) 
From Kouroynochori Mili to Kouros and Korasida of Flerio region and then to Pano Potamia, Apano castro Tsikalario with final destination Halki. (10.7 km)
4th day. Sailing
5th day. Mitropolou- Orkos
6th day. Apiranthos- Skado- Mesi
7th day. Free Day!!!

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After your arrival in our island, we welcome you in the Port of Naxos. With our Hotel mini bus we transfer you in the hotel, we give you the first necessary information about your accommodation and you have a few free hours to relax. In the evening we have the first meeting with our guide (Spiros) and the members of the group. The mini bus begin to Naxos Town in order to get the first taste of the island. 
The Temple of Apollo - Portara , One of the most important monument in Naxos, is the first sigh seeing that we visit, then we continue to the Grotta Area. The coastal road lead us to the old Town. There we can visit the Castle of Naxos, the Archaeological Museum, the Venetian Museum, the Metropolis site, and the Folk Museum. Walking to the traditional alleys we will find the main Market road of Naxos which is connected with the coastal road, and the old market, where we can have an enjoyable meal!!!

After a delicious breakfast in our hotel, the mini bus with our guide are starting. We stop 
at the health centre in Chora and the big church of Christ the roadmeet the one that lead on your left to Aggidia.
We follow this road up to the entry road-sign of the village. After the bus stop we follow the narrow up-grade path.
After this path up to the small church that we meet on our right, there is also at the left a courtyard directly across from a tavern. We will continue walking to the dirty road and after a few bends we will reach the back of the mountain range. From there the view is breathtaking.
We will go forward to the interior of the island and we can see the marble quarries in the mountains of Kynidaros. In front of us spreads the valley Melanes-Kourounochori.
On your right, are located the villages of Potamia and the region of Tragaia with huge green olive groves.
We can distinguish far away Zas Mountain (1004 metres). we will follow the path of Melanes. That passes through a river and continues up-grade for about 20 minutes until we will reach the centre of Melanes where we can have our lunch!!!! After that we will take the mini bus to return in the hotel.
(TIME: 3-4 hours, DISTANCE: 9.3 k.m.)

Our mini bus drive us until Kourounochori village. We will pass the whole village and follow the path to Myloi. 
During the hiking, we will enjoy the remarkable fertile land, full of lemon trees, orange trees, basins with water and a lot olive trees.
After 15 minutes we will reach the square of village Myloi with the platan tree and a small marble chapel ("tama").
We will follow the steps in front while you can see a small waterfall in front of the old water mills. After a small uphill path, in 20 minutes we will find the asphalt parking of Kouros. Then on your left after around 150 metres, is situated the unfinished Kouros of the 6th B.C. Next to Kouros is a private garden and a cafe.
After a brief refreshing stop move on to the right through the exit to the road. After 150 meters we turn right and go towards the almost dried river walking up-grade to the path with the marble steps, which leads to Korasida of the 6th century BC.
We will follow the road so as to be directed to the Ano Potamia. After 35 minutes of walking in the beautiful marble path, a preserved cobblestone pavement we will arrive in Ano Potamia! After a short break, passing through the village, before we pass to the Mesi Potamia, we turn on your left to the steps, leading up to the main roads.
After 1 km walking, following the path to the point we meet a restored stone church. From there on the right we stand in font of the castle up the hill. The view of the landscape with the various rocks is fantastic!
From there we can see Tsikalario between the mountains. We get through the village to the end of it, where is the parking and after 300 meters walking we will meet the central asphalt road of Tsikalario to Halki.
We walk another 800 meters on your left the roads between groves and you will reachthe small square of Chalkeio. Directly across is the old traditional distillery of Citrus and just next the traditional handmade textiles.
In the beautiful and traditional square we can taste the traditional meals!
(TIME: 4-5 hours, DISTANCE: 10,7 km.)

With the bus we stop to Chalki village. We continue to the right to meet the asphalt road. In some metres, we are going to the left to the armoured concrete road of Kaloxylos. After we will take the dirt road and we will continue all stretch to the path on the way to Filoti. We will move on to the left and shortly we will be found in the central square of Filoti with the stand, the cafes and taverns. (a short break). After our break we are taking the road to Danakos. Ascend and when we have reached the church of Agia Marina in our right, follow the left and towards dirt road for another 20 minutes to the Monastery of Fotodoti. We are passing through grazing land and housing estates, with fig trees, walnut and mullberries. 
We are passing from the church of St. Eleutherios church and we are leaded to the central asphalt road, which direct us to Apeiranthos village, where we can have our lunch in the traditional restaurants. The bus waits for us to get back to the hotel.
(TIME: 5 hours, DISTANCE: 9 km)


With our mini bus we arrive until to the church of Stavros, at this crossroads, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the sea!!!! After there, following the same asphalt road to Apollonas, turn after a few meters to the marble path which leads us to Koronos village.  
During the hiking you can enjoy the view to the villages Koronos and Skado, in which we move to.
When we reach the small square you will find two taverns and a cafe with quality food and hospitable service! Where we can have a short break!!!
We can visit the mining museum of village and then pass through the village and move on to the north towards the path that leads to the opposite village Skado.
Approximately after one hour of walking we reach the church of St. John, and after few meters the church of St. George, of Skados region. We move on to the asphalt road towards to Koronida. After 800 meters, we follow the first dirt road on the right. We can enjoy the view of Apollonas and of the church of St. George on a hill on the right.
On our way we will meet a particular colourful church, in which if we are lucky enough, we will meet the monk who built and painted the church, in the Byzantine Colours red, yellow and orange.
You walk for around approximately 1 hour we meet the fishing Village of Apollo.
When we reach Apollonas we can visit the largest Kouros in the region and then we relax and eat in one of the many taverns of the village. After that turn back to the Hotel!!!!

7th Day, FREE DAY!!!!
It is our last day in the island of Naxos and you can enjoy your day as you want, we can help you to rent bicycles, motorbikes, cars or to organise other activities like: water sports, windsurfing, Diving, Horse Riding etc.)