Before leaving Naxos, it is for sure that you would like to take something with you in order to remember the beuateful time you have spent on the island. In the coastal shops on Chora as well as in the shops situated in the inner parts of the Town, you will find jewlarry made of gold, silver and other precious materials. Woman's and Man's accessories clothes, shoes, decorative staffs handicrafts and many other small ‘'temptations''.

In the alleys of the old market, on the skirts of the Castle you may also window - shop and buy souvenirs and small presents. Of course, before you leave don't forget to get a traditional drink made of Citron, a sufficient quantity of the special Naxos' cheeses as well as other delicious local products, such as Naxos herbs, and honey of thyme, heather or flowers.

Antico Venezianno
, an upmarket antique store and gallery, in a restored mansion ( the mansion "Antico Veneziano" has a long history of 800 years) in the Venetian Castle, makes for a fascinating visit.

At Promponas on the waterfront you can find Citron Liquer in beautiful bottles, as well as ouzo and raki spirits. Citron is a liqueur made with the leafs of a fruit named Citron that looks like a large lemon.

Leather: Pagonis has been in the leather business for 50 years, with two great stores where you can find a wide variety of designs, excellent quality and service. On the road from Court Square to Papavasileiou street.