Halki (Tragea)

Halki (or Tragea) is located in the centre of the Trageas basis and it is the most fertile area of Naxos with large olive groves. In the past , Chalki used to be trade centre of the island, whereas today, it is the seat of the municipality of Drymalia. The neoclassic mansion houses which are spread in its alleys, the tower and the byzantine churches give the evidence to the prosperous days of the past. In Chalki , you should definitely visit the traditional citron distillery and go for walk in the interest market.

Halki's market seems to have been reborn. The restoration of the old building shows a special artistry, while the local professionals propose unique and above all tasteful products. Here, old time's prestige seems to have found back its string. More over , visit the Barotzi - Gratsia towel, as well as the byzantine and post Byzantine churches of the region with their impressive frescoes.