Koronos is one of the widest known emery villages of Naxos and it is located approximately 30 km northeast of Chore. Stone paved alleys, whitewashed courtyards, beautiful houses of island architecture with wooden balconies, steps that connect the different neighbourhoods, shadowing plane trees and popular trees and picturesque cafes. Compose the scenery of this beautiful village.

The village is one of the biggest villages among those built in the island's highlands. Hidden in rich vineyards, it impresses with its interesting architecture and street layout.

Within a sort distance from Koronos on the way to Lionas, you will see the emery mines, the old armyrable facilities for the transportation of the mineral and the overhead railway that was once used to carry the emery mined in Koronos down to the Motsouna hourboort. In addition, you will see nearby the Church "Panagia Argokiliotissa" which is visited by thousand of pilgrims every year, as well as the medieval settlement Atsipapi, an agricultural landscape which reminds of other ages.