Apeiranthos, one of island's most beautiful villages, is built in the heart of the highlands of Naxos and is rich in history and tradition. It's seems untouched by time as it a preserves it's unspoiled traditional character, and impresses with its medieval architecture. Stone and marble dominate the architecture of the village : these materials have been the primarily used by artisans to create masterpieces which decorate houses, towers, streets and squares. A lot of scholars in the fields of science, art and politics were born in the village: (Petros Protopapadakis, Dialehti Zevgoli-Glezou, Petros Glezos, Manolis Glezos, Grigoris Zevgolis a.o.)

Cars are prohibited in the main street of the village, so you have another reason to walk in the picturesque marble - stone pavements and under the arches while admiring the magnificent view to the mountains, the Venetian towers, the Byzantine Churches, and the stone houses, all of them constituting characteristic samples of the fortification architecture dating to the years of Venetian rule. Visit the impressive Zevgoli tower (dated from the 17th Century) which is located on the hill close to the entry of the village. Then, continua straight ahead and stopped at the central square for coffee or lunch under the shadow of the big plane tree, ascend toward the Bardani tower and meet the locals who have a characteristic temperament and a Cretan accent. Five museums operate in Apeiranthos. The archaeological museum, the folk art museum, the geological museum, the museum of natural history and the visual arts museum which is definitely worth a visit. 11 km. east of Apeiranthos is located the coastal settlement of Moutsouna.

This use to be in the past the place where the mined emery was carried to by the overhead railway in order to be loaded in the ships.

Beaches close to Apeiranthos

panormosThe nearest beach to Apeiranthos is located in Moutsouna, 11 Km east. Moutsouna offers a succesive sandy coves of sand and crystal clear waters.

Further south, the road leads to Panormos bay, a remote, quire and well protected beach with shallow waters.

Don't miss

moutsouna-smallFiloti is an excellent village

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