Filoti, the largest in population village of Naxos but also of all the Cycladic islands, is built amphitheatrically on the foot of the highest mountain of Cyclades, the mountain zas. Take a rest at the big central square under the shadow of the big plane tree and enjoy your coffe in one of the picturesque ‘'kafenia'' (Greek traditional Cafes) around the square. Within a short distance you will see the church ‘'Panagia filotitissa'' (Our Lady Filotitissa), with the fabulous sculpted bell tower, as well as the impressive Barotsi tower, which was built at the same time when the village was a Venetian Feud. The Village trade is well developed, the is a big market, banks, cafes , restaurants and sport center.

Follow the path that commences at the village (you will find a sign there) and the leads to the, Zas cave, where the oldest traces of life were found (10.000 years). From Filoti, begins another road which will lead you after 15km to the Cheimarros Tower ( cheimarros means ‘'torrent''), one of the most important monuments of the island, it is made of local marble and its height reaches up to 15 m. If you continue southward, you will see the kalantos beach, a leeward beach, which is the southern most point of the island.