Sailing & Cruising

If you like travelling, cruising, yachting the greek islands, if you are a fan of island hopping and if you like the blue Mediterranean beaches, then you can book a yacht.

Discover and travel the beauty of the Aegean sea. Whether you are a sailor, a racer, a yachtsman or you just want to enjoy your summer holidays, yachting will ensure you have a great time.

You can plan your own sailing trip or choose any available.

Yachting trips include:

  • Naxos - Koufonissia - Naxos
  • Naxos - Amorgos - Keros - Koufonissia - Schinoussa - Naxos
  • Naxos - Paros - Naxos
  • Naxos - Mykonos - Naxos

Day cruises are scheduled with small ships and destinations include

  • Naxos - Santorini - Naxos
  • Naxos - Iraklia - Koufonissi - Naxos
  • Naxos - Mykonos - Naxos