Walking, Hiking & Trekking


A journey in Naxos, above all, means contact with Nature and History. 

Naxos is a unique island in Cyclades for the monuments, the fertile plateaus, the valleys, the rivers with the small waterfalls, the olive groves and the vineyards. Also the contact with the residents in every part of the island, differing from place to place but in no case will create boredom to someone!

Naxos Hiking

Visit the taverns, the coffee shops, accept every invitation for Greek hospitality of the local residents with pleasure and enjoy everything that you offered and thus satisfy the tastes and preferences.

Path 1. Naxos - Melanes (approximately 3 hours).
Naxos Walking Paths
The trek starts from the port of Naxos and leads through the village Aggidia, passing from San Thalelaio to Melanes as the final destination. (9.3 km) 

Path 2. Melanes - Halki (approximately 5 hours)
Naxos Walking Paths
From Kouroynochori Mili to Kouros and Korasida of Flerio region and then to Pano Potamia, Apano castro Tsikalario with final destination Halki. (10.7 km)

Path 3.Halki-Apiranthos (approximately 4.5 hours)
Naxos Walking Paths
From Chalki and Kaloxylo to Filoti and the church of Agia Marina and then to Moni Fotodoti with final destination Apiranthos. (9 km)

Path 4. Apiranthos - Skado (approximately 4.5 hours)
Naxos Walking Paths
From Apiranthos to church Stavros and then to Koronos with final destination Skado (8.9 km)

Path 5. Skado - Apollo (about 4 hours, from the Skado to Mesi with final destination Apollona. (9.1 km) 
Naxos Walking Paths
Also and for that activity we can introduce several proposals for meals during the ways, with traditional products and home made cooking!!!!

Furthermore, we can arrange a day cruise with a boat around to the island or a barbeque in a farm, with local products, wines and traditional music and dancing!!!!